Swim Academy

Crawley Swimming Club & Jellyfish Swim School’s Aim’s

To fast track talented young swimmers to being able to train and compete at a higher level from a younger age. Creating a seamless pathway from the Jellyfish Swim School through to Crawley Swimming Club Development Programme.

Session proposal

A “talent” lane will be set up at K2 Leisure centre to provide fitness training and additional technique training for young talented swimmers from Jellyfish Swim School. Initially there will be one session available which will take place on the Last Friday in every month and be reviewed after three month period. Academy Swimmers will be identified by their swimming teachers as being suitable candidates for the session and formally invited to attend. Sessions to be managed and delivered by Crawley Swimming Club in partnership with Jellyfish Swim School creating a stepping stone from the Swim School program to the Crawley Club Development programme.


Talent Lane Criteria

Crawley Talent Lane

What is the Crawley Talent Lane Program?

Talent lanes are additional sessions run as part of the Jellyfish Swim School program to offer talented individuals an opportunity to access additional monthly pool time and coaching from qualified staff.

Who is eligible to attend the Crawley Talent Lane Program?

Swimmers in the Talent Lanes must be:

How do swimmers get referred for Talent Lanes?

Swimming teacher refers the swimmer for the talent lane program. The swimmer reports on pool side at K2 on a designated Friday

When are the Talent Lane sessions?

Talent Lane sessions take place at K2 Leisure Centre on the last Friday of the month 7.00pm – 7.45pm

How long are Talent Lane Sessions?

Each session is 45 minutes long

How much is a Talent Lane session?

There is no charge for these sessions

How long should a swimmer take part in the Talent Lane program?

Swimmers can train with the Talent Lane program from as soon as they meet the criteria until they finish taking lessons with the Jellyfish Swim School. Once the swimmer has successfully completed all outcomes from NPTS Stage 8, or are Talent Identified by the nominated coach they will be invited to try out for Crawley Swimming Club. However membership of Crawley Swimming Club is neither guaranteed nor compulsory.

Where can I find more information on the Talent Lane program?

Speak to Emma Sullivan or Debbie Savage for more information.

Crawley Swimming Club is working in partnership with The Jellyfish Swim School (The Academy of Crawley SC)